Monday, August 24, 2009

Thing 13

Tagging would be a useful way to collaborate with others to find websites of merit. Frequently, educators spend too much time sifting through numerous sites hoping to find something worthwhile. Unfortunately, we often have to sift through 10 sites before we find one hidden gem. Imagine a web world where a number of teachers were to pool their time to search for beneficial sites. This could make the web an easier and more productive place to navigate for all.

Thing 12

Reflection: Widgets or add-ons make a blog visually more stimulating and enticing to the reader. I would like to find some educational widgets that could be added to my teacher blog. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thing 11

Comments are fun to receive but nobody likes to receive negative comments. Many people have a difficult time distinguishing between constructive criticism and destructive criticism when leaving comments. People visiting the 23 Things blogs have been very positive and responsible.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thing 10

Video post:

Below is a video my class produced 2 years ago.

Permission was granted by the author to show over the internet.

Embedding video on a website is very convenient for learners. It can help make a project a one-stop learning experience.

Thing 9

I already have a YouTube account and have posted comments before. It is amazing to see how many educational videos can be found here. Our district has filtered YouTube and as a result it can't be accessed via our district's network.

Thing 8 again

This would be fun for a lower elementary student to practice his/her spelling words. Visual learners would enjoy and benefit from this.

Thing 8

2 Sudoku Red Number 3 T H i n letter G S